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eLearning Programs

These programs are interactive and web-based and are designed to provide Albertans with the opportunity to gain more knowledge on in various occupational health and safety topics. Programs are available and delivered to registered users via the web. For more information, please contact the Job Safety Skills Society.


Alberta OHS Legislation Awareness eLearning Program

An interactive online learning program guides employers and workers through the OHS Act, Regulation and Code. Learners will become familiar with relevant parts of the legislation.

Backs and Bums: Applying Basic Ergonomics

Presents basic ergonomics concepts. Discusses ergonomics issues relating to sitting and standing work stations, and loads lifting and handling.

Basic Health and Safety

Provides basic information about making a workplace safe and healthy. Includes some practical tools that can help you follow the health and safety laws in Alberta.

Hazard Assessment and Control

Introduces employers and workers to the process for identification, assessment and control of hazards in the workplace.

Health and Safety Management Systems

Examines the basic elements of an effective health and safety management system for the workplace.

Incident Investigation

Introduces employers and workers to the steps of investigating workplace incidents.


Back to School Safety


Back-to-School: Safety Checklist

Back to School: Safety tips for motorists

Back-to-School: Social Media

Back-to-School: Backpack Safety

Back-to-School: Playground Safety

Back-to-School: Preventing Bullying

Back-to-School: Teen Driving

Back-to-School: Traveling to School Safety


Safety Alerts


Near miss - Loader Almost Tips, Good Recovery Plan Implemented


Incident Reports


Contact with 5 KV Power Cable - Near Miss

Worker fatally crushed between parts of trailer


The Montie, SafetyCare video library


“The Montie” Safety Video Library (926 kb)

“The Montie” Safety Video Library Access Instructions (202 kb)


Fire Smarts!!!

Re-enactments/demonstrations are extremely dangerous and not recommended!

Click on the image below to view the video...

Fire Smarts!!!


Chemical Safety Board reviews High School Lab flash fire incidents

Fire Smarts!!!


Articles and Links

The following are links to selected health and safety resource materials available on the Government of Alberta, Employment and Immigration website at http://employment.alberta.ca/SFW/12616.html

Over the coming months, additional selections of links will be provided on this webpage.


Workplace Incident Fatalities Investigated – January 1 to October 25, 2013

Workplace Incident Fatalities Investigated by the WCB - August 9, 2013

Workplace Incident Fatalities Investigated by the WCB- July 15, 2013

Workplace Incident Fatalities Accepted by the WCB - June 30, 2013


List of Employers with a Certificate of Recognition - Updated weekly

Certifying Partners

Partners in Health and Safety


Eye Protection

Back Care: How Much can I Lift?

Lifting and Your Back: Some Fresh Ideas

Preventing Violence and Harassment at the Workplace


Do I have a Workplace Mould Problem? (BH018)

Hantavirus (BH015)


Ammonia at the Worksite (CH027)

Chlorine at the Worksite (CH067)

Physical Hazards – Noise, Radiation, Temperature Extremes

Audiometric Testing: Information for Employers and Workers (HS005)

Noise from Machinery Intended for the Workplace

Other Links

Ontario spends millions on safety upgrades after shop student death

Occupational Health & Safety Magazine, December 2012 (Ministry of Human Services: Work Safe Alberta)

Workplace Incident Fatalities Investigated in 2012

Awards and Recognition 2012

Occupational Injuries and Diseases in Alberta

What can go wrong in confined space rescues

ECompliance Safety Updates

Worker Coverall Caught in Rotary Table

Mental Health in the workplace

10 Scaffold Safety Essentials

AB Traffic Safety Plan - Industry Notice

"Canadian Model for Providing A Safe Workplace - Alcohol and Drug Guidelines and Work Rule" A best practice of the Construction Owners Assocation of Alberta October 2005 - Version 2 - Effective October 1, 2010.

Safety Checklist for Adolescent Employees In Restaurant and Food Services (A Person Aged 12, 13 or 14)

Safe Use of Energy Drinks

VIDEO - Share with your family... you could save a life today! - Zero Harm - People, Property & Environment

Asbestos.com - Brought to you by The Mesothelioma Center

Occupational Asbestos Exposure

The Mesothelioma Group



John Petropoulous Memorial Fund offers "free" driving safety presentations.

John Petropoulous Memorial Fund Presentation

John Petropoulous Memorial Fund Postcard



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