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Community Links

Using this website could save you countless hours in searching the web for the most current information possible about the principles and best practices associated with health and safety. On a regular ongoing basis, the Job Safety Skills Society (JSSS) scans the web for the most current information available and uses this site as a clearing house for information that can be used to expand, enhance and explain what it means to be healthy and safe — at home, in school, at work, and yes, even at play. The links listed below include government, corporations, associations and agencies with a direct or indirect role in supporting and promoting health and safety. Clicking on each link will provide teachers, students and others access to a broad range of information about best practices and current legislation relating to health and safety.

If you find other websites or articles that you believe should be included on the JSSS website, and that others might be interested in, let us know and we will review the link or article for inclusion on this page.

Ambassador Program

Are you an advocate for youth workplace safety? Interested in contributing to the overall wellbeing of your community and playing your part in empowering today’s youth for tomorrow’s workplaces?

If so, here’s why YOU should volunteer as a Job Safety Skills Society Ambassador:

  • Simply put (and as the old cliche goes), you’ll get to “be the change you wish to see!”
  • You’ll get to share your unique knowledge and experience with future generations of workers.
  • You’ll be increasing awareness of workplace hazards and health and safety risks.
  • Best of all, you’ll be empowering youth to learn about their rights and responsibilities as employees.


Now that we’ve captured your interest, here are the various ways in which YOU can get involved:

  • Become a Facilitator – visit high schools to facilitate presentations on a variety of safety-related topics.
  • Mentor a Teacher – Work one-on-one with Career and Technology Studies (CTS) teachers to answer their questions and connect them to safety training resources.
  • Help Us Develop Learning Resources – Assist in developing JSSS presentations and provide input for online safety program development.
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