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About Us


Our Vision

Securing our Future: Leading youth toward safer, healthier and productive lives.

Our Mission

To prevent future incidents by ensuring that all youth are properly prepared to be safe workers.”

The Job Safety Skills Society was established in 1991, and registered as a not-for-profit organization in 1995. We partnered with educators, industry, government and the community at large to address the following issues:

      • To reduce the unacceptable number of workplace injuries and fatalities among young workers,

• To provide young workers with freely accessible, accredited safety training before they enter the workforce.


Our mission is to empower youth to take responsibility for their health, safety and well-being and that of their friends, colleagues and communities.

Through our JobSafe Program we provide the educational services to young workers, that have helped to significantly reduce fatalities, injuries and illness in the workplace. We encourage schools across Alberta to implement the JobSafe Program as part Alberta Education’s Career and Technologies Studies program which includes health and safety education courses. Our JobSafe Program is an effective resource for teachers and students, and is available, without cost, to all publically funded junior and senior high schools.

To date, our JobSafe Program is offered in more than 200 schools across Alberta, Saskatchewan and NWT, with more than 115,000 students completing the program and 36,000 being certified by JSSS.

The JobSafe Program is recognized and supported by Alberta Human Services, Alberta Agriculture, WCB-Alberta, and other public and private agencies and businesses.