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JobSafe - an award winning workplace safety training program


The JobSafe Program is designed to:

• Educate youth about workplace health and safety issues,

• Promote the development of a positive attitude toward safety, and

• Give our youth a solid foundation for future workplace training.

The JobSafe Program is developed by professionals with first-hand knowledge in health and safety issues, principles and practices. The coursework is developed so to be easily delivered in a classroom setting, each requiring approximately 25 hours of instruction. The JobSafe resources support the delivery of the following three courses:

• Workplace Safety Managment (HCS 3000)

• Workplace Safety Practicies (HCS 3010)

• Agriculture Safety (AGR 3000)

Students will earn one high-school credit for each course that is successfully completed. In order to by JSSS accredited, students must pass each course with a 70 per cent or higher.

Important Topics

JobSafe Online Training Program

The JobSafe Online Training Prorgam has been launched...


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CD - Job Safety Skills in the Classroom and Beyond

By now, you should have received the “Job Safety Skills in the Classroom and Beyond” CD that was sent to you in May, 2011 containing the Instructor Resource Manuals for the new safety courses introduced by Alberta Education...

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Reminder for teachers to submit students' names for credentials

A friendly reminder to all schools, if you haven’t already submitted for certification the names and marks of the students who have completed one or more of the JobSafe courses.



The Alberta Distance Learning Centre (ADLC) and the Job Safety Skills Society are pleased to announce a formal partnership that will benefit the academic growth of students in Alberta as well as keep them safe as they begin their working lives.

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