Benefits of Using JSSS Courses


Youth workplace safety is beneficial to everyone


Student Benefits


Our training modules provide students with a comprehensive understanding of workplace health and safety. They learn safety techniques and protocols to do work safely, and learn what constitutes a safe and healthy work environment by learning how to identify and mitigate safety hazards. After taking our courses students will have an increased understanding of employers’ health and safety expectations. Graduates from our JobSafe program enter the workforce with a competitive advantage.


Employer Benefits


There are many employer benefits to hiring individuals who are JobSafe certified. Employers can be assured that workers who have taken our courses have an increased knowledge and understanding of the importance of workplace safety procedures, are more receptive workplace safety training and developing safe work habits. Most importantly, employers may see a reduction in the number of costly workplace injuries to young workers.


Community Benefits


More people are informed and educated about health and safety which leads to improved quality of work and life. There is a marked reduction in the number and severity of workplace injuries and fatalities. Workplace health and safety is of primary importance in the minds of workers and employers.